Competitive examinations

[6] 2015 – Coordinator of the study “Proposal for a Provision of Services for the study of the evaluation of the acquisition of professional skills in the scope of the prevention and treatment of smoking at the end of the pre-graduate training of health professionals, within the scope of training courses in pharmaceutical sciences, nursing , medicine and dentistry ”. Direct Agreement (No. 332/2015) from the Directorate-General for Health to the University of Évora.

[5] 2006 – Responsible Researcher for the Project “From teaching quality to academic success: a longitudinal study on the perspective of students in secondary and higher education – looking for effective practices for successful academic performance” (ref. PTDC / CED / 66574/2006) . Project rated Excellent (executed between 2007-2010), financed under the FCT-MCTES R&D Projects Competition.

[4] 2006 – Responsible Researcher for the Project “The influence of personal and contextual variables on academic performance: the situation of public higher education in Alentejo” (ref. POCI / ALE / 04.01.02 / 0097/0002/2006). Project classified as Good (execution 2007-2008), financed under Measure IV.1 – Qualification in Higher Education of Axis IV – Science and Higher Education of the Operational Program for Science and Innovation (POCI 2010), Action 1.2. – Innovative Projects in Higher Education.

[3] 1999 – Won the Measure 4 Contest, from the Educational Quality Incentive System of the Educational Innovation Institute, which supports the publication of monographs of recognized merit in the area of Educational Sciences and Educational Innovation. The work was edited Bonito, J. (2001). As actividades práticas no ensino das geociências: um estudo que procura a conceptualização [Practical activities in the teaching of geosciences: a study that seeks conceptualization]. Lisboa: Instituto de Inovação Educacional, 290 pp. [ISBN 972-783-010-2]

[2] 1993 – september, 14. He was qualified for the 1st place in the Competition for Trainee Assistant in the Department of Pedagogy and Education of the University of Évora for the area of “Teaching and Education in Science”.

[1] 1992 – june, 27. He won a place at Montemor-o-Novo Secondary School, as a result of the Contest for Provisional Professional Teacher of Basic Education (3rd Cycle) and Secondary.