antonio heitor reis

University of évora

Professor Catedrático, Departamento de Física, Escola de Ciências e Tecnologia         

Director do Mestrado em Engenharia da Energia Solar                                                               Coordenador-Geral  do







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 Constructal Theory.

 Atmospheric physics, Atmospheric electricity.

 Heat and fluid flows. Flow architectures.

 Energy and Exergy.


JOURNALS (Ed. Board)

 International Journal of Energy Research, J. Wiley & Sons

 International Journal of Global Warming, InderScience Pubs.

 International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids, Research I. Pubs.

 The Open Thermodynamics Journal, Bentham Science Pubs.

 Conference Papers in Energy, Hindawi Publs. Corp.

 Int. J. Adv. Res. in Science, Eng.and Tech.,

 The Open Conference Proceedings Journal, Bentham Sci.Pub.

 Journal of Ergonomics, Omics Int. Journals, USA

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BOOKS Chapters

Leaf Shapes and Venation Patterns”, Ch. 3 in Constructal Law and the Unifying Principle of Design

”Constructal view of city flow structure and people safety”, Ch.2 in Constructal Human Dynamics, Security and Sustainability

Natural flow patterns and structured people dynamics – a Constructal view”, in Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics

“Thermodynamics of Fluids in Mesoporous Media”, Ch. 30 in Emerging Technologies and Techniques in Porous Media

”Planetary flows and Geomorphology in the light of Constructal Theory”, Ch. 5 in Constructal theory and multi-scale geometries. Theory and applications in energetics, chemical engineering and materials.

“Constructal theory of distribution of river sizes”, §13. 4, and  “Constructal theory of distribution of city sizes”, §13. 5, (co-authored) in Bejan, A.: Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics

Suspension Flow with Deposition in Lung Airway Bifurcations in Different Breathing Conditions Ch. 2 (co-authored) in New Developments in Hazardous Materials Research

“Exergy based analysis of economic sustainability” in Perspectives on Econophysics