Miguel António da Nova Araújo (Professor Auxiliar c/ Agregação/ Assistant Professor) (CV)

Department of Physics

University of Évora

Colégio Luis Verney, gab 080

7000-671 Évora, Portugal

gabinete 080

Tel: 266 745 330 ext: 25407

email: mana@uevora.pt

Also at:

CeFEMA - Centro de Física e Engenharia de Materiais Avançados

Instituto Superior Técnico

Avenida Rovisco Pais

1049-001 Lisboa

gabinete 1-4.8

Tel (ext./Direct): 1620 / 218 418 157

  Research Interests:

 Theory of Condensed Matter. Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems. Superconductivity. Itinerant Magnetism. Topological electronic systems.    List of Publications

     Here are some selected publications:

Textbook: Topologia em Matéria Condensada: uma Introdução Miguel A. N. Araújo e Pedro D. Sacramento, Publisher: ISTPress, Coleção Ensino da Ciência e Tecnologia, volume 67 (Lisboa, 2020) ISBN: 978-989-8481-76-4

Textbook: Topology in Condensed Matter: an Introduction, Miguel A. N. Araújo and Pedro D. Sacramento, Publisher: World Scientific (2021) ISBN:978-981-123-721-8, 987-981-12-3723-2

Disorder-driven multifractality transition in Weyl nodal loops, Miguel Gonçalves, Pedro Ribeiro, Eduardo Castro and Miguel A. N. Araújo, Physical Review Letters 124, 136405 (2020)

Broken-symmetry phases of interacting nested Weyl and Dirac loops, Miguel A. N. Araújo and Linhu Li, Physical Review B 98, 155114 (2018)

Change of an insulator's topological properties by a Hubbard interaction, Miguel A. N. Araújo, Eduardo V. Castro and Pedro D. Sacramento, Physical Review B 87, 085109 (2013)

Chern band insulators in a magnetic field, Miguel A. N. Araújo and Eduardo V. Castro, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 26, 075501 (2014)

Andreev spectroscopy of Majorana states in topological superconductors with multipocket Fermi surfaces, Ana C. Silva, Miguel A. N. Araújo, Pedro D. Sacramento, Europhysics Letters 110, 37008 (2015)


Phase diagram and magnetic collective excitations of the Hubbard model for graphene sheets and layers, N.M.R. Peres, M.A.N Araújo and D. Bozi, Physical Review B 70, 195122 (2004)

Comment on "Gapless Spin-1 Neutral Collective Mode Branch for Graphite", N. M. R. Peres, M. A. N. Araújo, and A. H. Castro Neto, Physical Review Letters 92, 199701 (2004)


Transmission of correlated electrons through sharp domain walls in magnetic nanowires: a renormalization group approach, M.A.N. Araújo,  V. K. Dugaev, V. R. Vieira, J Berakdar and J. Barnas, Physical Review B 74, 224429 (2006)

Role of a spin-flip scatterer in a magnetized Lutinger liquid M.A.N. Araújo,  Berakdar , V. K. Dugaev and V. R. Vieira, Physical Review B 76, 205107 (2007)

-Heavy fermion systems:

Electron transmission in normal metal/heavy-fermion superconductor junctions: A two-band model, M. A. N. Araújo and P. D. Sacramento, Physical Review B 77, 134519 (2008)

Electron transmission between normal and heavy electron metallic phases in Kondo lattice systems , M.A.N. Araújo  and A. H. Castro Neto, Physical Review B 75, 115133 (2007)


Quantum waveguide theory of Andreev spectroscopy in multiband superconductors: the case of iron pnicides, M.A.N. Araújo, P.D. Sacramento and V.R. Vieira , Physical  Review B 79, 174529 (2009)

Single vortex structure in two models of iron pnictide s+- superconductivity, M. A. N. Araújo, M. Cardoso, P. D. Sacramento, New Journal of Physics 11, 113008 (2009)

-Itinerant Magnetism:

Spin spectral weight distribution and energy range of the parent compound La2CuO4, M.A.N. Araújo, J. M. P. Carmelo, M. J. Sampaio and S. R. White, Europhysics Letters 98,  67004 (2012)

Spin wave dispersion in La2CuO4, N.M.R.Peres and M.A.N. Araújo, Physical Review B 65,  132404 (2002)


Research Projects:

-”Emergent quantum states in novel 2D materials” EXPL/FIS-NAN/1728/2013

-"In search of novel mechanisms to increase the critical temperature of a superconductor'' PTDC/FIS/11134/2009

- “Electronic properties of novel FeAs-based superconductors" PTDC/FIS/101126/2008

-“Electronic transport and magnetic dynamics in low dimensional magnetic systems and nanostructures'' PTDC/FIS/70843/2006

-"Manipulation of spin and charge currents in magnetic nanostructures" POCI-FIS/58746/2004

- “Electronic properties of new materials”, PRAXIS XXI 2/2.1 /FIS/ 302/94