Ana Elisa de Mendonça Rato Barroso
Categoria: Assistente
Unidade: Departamento de Fitotecnia

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  Instituto Ciências Agrárias Mediterrânicas
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Artigos relacionados com POCTI/AGR /60251/2004
1 - Rato2003.pdf
Rato,A.E. 2003. Ethylene production and respiration rate in ‘green gage’ plums (Prunus domestica L.). In: Vendrell, et al. (eds), Biology and Biotechnology of the Plant Hormone Ethylene III, IOS Press, Netherlands. pp449-450.

2 - Sanchez2002.pdf
Sanchez, A. M.; Mariani,C. (2002). Expression of ACC synthase and ACC oxidase coding genes after self-pollination and incongruous pollination of tobacco pistills. Plant Molecular Biology. 48:351-359.

3 - Rocha2004.pdf
Rocha S.M., Rodrigues F.,Coutinho P.; Delgadillo I.,Coimbra M.A. (2004). Volatile composition of Baga red wine Assessment of the indentification of the wolud-be impact odoutrants. Analytica Chimica Acta. 513:257-262

4 - Cardoso2002.pdf
Cardoso,S.; Silva,A.M.S.; Coimbra,M.A.(2002). Structural characterisation of the olive pomace pectic polysaccharide arabinan side chain. Charbohydrate Research. 337:917-924.